Become A MerchantSpring Affiliate

Team up with the most innovative marketplace tool in the industry and start getting paid

Top dollar - Earn 50% commission for the first 3 months of any monthly plan. 

Zero caps - Earn as much as you'd like. There are no caps on the rewards. 

Monthly payments - Get paid at the end of every month. You've worked hard for it. 

Innovative Product That Users Love

Meet The Next-Generation Of Marketplace Analytics

Manage Unlimited Stores
& Seller Health Metrics

Act on Real-Time Alerts & Notifications

Track All Performance
 From One Dashboard

Uncover Insights & 
Actions Across Stores

Optimise Buy-Box, Price 
& Category Performance

Advanced Listing Diagnostics 
& Alerts

How Does This Affiliate Program Work?

Step 1: Sign up

Sign up is easy, just click the button! Our approval process is quick, simple, and usually within 24 hours. 

Step 2: Share Your Affiliate Link

Get your personalized affiliate link and share on your socials, blogs, or anywhere else that works for you. 

Step 3: Get Paid For Every Signup

Every sign up through your referral link is tracked so you can ensure you will be paid. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Team up with the most innovative marketplace tool in the industry
and start getting paid

Why should I be an affiliate for MerchantSpring?

MerchantSpring Marketplace Managerâ„¢ is the only marketplace dashboard of its kind in the market today. As a pioneer in this industry, MerchantSpring Marketplace Managerâ„¢ is available to sellers, agencies and enterprise brands.

How long do your cookies last?

Cookies will remain in a potential referrals browser after they click your affiliate link for 90 days. We want to give you the most time possible to earn your commission. 

Where do I share my affiliate link?

Anywhere where you have an audience or where you are building an audience.  Our affiliate links work great on social media, blogs, and webpages but it's up to you how you'd like to send your traffic. 

When do I get paid?

After each month, payment are calculated and sent the following month. So if you made $100 in commissions in January, you will receive your money in February.

How will I be awarded? 

When someone signs up through your referral link, you'll receive 50% of their first 3 monthly payments or 10% of their annual pay. All payments will be made through PayPal.

Is there a minimum payout?

Yes, the minimum payout is $50. This helps keep our costs down so you get the maximum amount of reward. 

Start Earning Today

Team up with the most innovative marketplace tool in the industry and start getting paid

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