How eBay Sellers can make the most out of ShelfTrend

December 13, 2019

Harjot Singh

With over eighty-five clients and over 10,000 products enriched, here at MerchantSpring we are always looking at ways we can optimise our performance on marketplaces. Which is why ShelfTrend’s simple ethos of “know more, sell more,” not only seemed appealing, but simple too.

For the last two years we’ve been using ShelfTrend as a vital tool to generate insights for eBay sellers. As a company that manages a range of marketplaces across the globe, it is of crucial to have access to data-driven insights as a way of boosting and increasing our sales, faster than our competitors.

Before we go on to tell you how ShelfTrend can benefit you, first a little bit about what ShelfTrend is exactly. ShelfTrend is designed specifically for eBay. It’s a tool that gathers eBay data so you don’t have to. There are three key ways we think ShelfTrend can be used for the benefit of your company. We’ve highlighted them below for you:

Understanding competitor dynamics and overall market opportunity

Here at MerchantSpring we've made particular use of ShelfTrend's supply and demand reports. This provides eBay sellers with details of sales taking place within their category of interest. Sellers can single out the category they wish to sell in and gain an understanding and analysis of key factors within this. ShelfTrend works out the number of sales generated per month within these categories. 

This tool offers an understanding of how fragmented or consolidated the competition is. ShelfTrend also provides key information like the number and quality of listings in each category. This is crucial in shaping the overall strategy and market share we should target to achieve when making sales. Here at MerchantSpring, data like this is essential, which is why ShelfTrend is an incredibly useful tool.

Assessing overall listing quality & opportunity for sellers

Today consumers make their buying decisions quicker than ever. So we need to make sure that we are conveying product information both efficiently but also appealing enough to generate sales.

It is of prime importance to understand the listing quality and opportunity for sellers on marketplaces such as eBay. With a marketplace like eBay it is all about search engine optimization. Therefore item titles and specifics are crucial when it comes to boosting SEO. Title lengths and item specifics are pivotal to search rankings.

ShelfTrend’s creation of the Great Reports top 500 Live listing report gives us the necessary insights into products already listed on eBay. We can assess titles and the average length of these titles, the quality of the item specifics, and more importantly where the gaps and opportunity lie in each category.

With this information we can identify what’s already working, what’s not and what we can do to make sure our products sell. ShelfTrend also offers other aspects of the listings that drive SEO such as free delivery or if sellers have a top rating. ShelfTrend’s accessibility to this information allows for analysis of these categories quickly, shaping sales and marketing strategy.   

Tracking eBay Rankings

By monitoring keywords used in each category and product ranking in eBay categories, ShelfTrend offers an efficient way of tracking and monitoring ranking movements.

Here at MerchantSpring we prioritise how eBay rankings are changing. This is because it affects how we should present our item specifics and product titles. Using ShelfTrend while operating on marketplaces enables sellers to optimise item specifics and product titles, boosting sales and improving performance. ShelfTrend allows you to see if your efforts have been applied and if they are paying off. 

ShelfTrend really is an amazing tool, especially for eBay sellers and for those requiring data driven insights. ShelfTrend helps sellers turn market places into viable sales options, providing practical insights and recommendations.

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