JeansWest seeks out MerchantSpring to help boost the productivity of their marketplace channels.


JeansWest is an Australian born and bred fashion icon. They know all there is to know about denim and have been providing Aussies with the perfect pair of jeans for over 45 years. With 111 stores across Australia and New Zealand, they are widely celebrated for their consummate quality and service.

Like many stores venturing into the online selling landscape, JeanWest had concerns for their marketplace efficiency and needed to address a major pain point for many online sellers: cost pressures.

JeansWest decided to reach out to our dedicated team to optimise their online product range and abolish unnecessary costs.


JeansWest initially used a fashion agency studio for product shots which was slow, expensive and more suited for lifestyle shots, not eCommerce.

Their copywriting was done internally which took a lot of coordination and lacked certain elements to properly place products across multiple channels. This long turn around took time away from their product visibility and ultimately damaged their profits.


We understand that the key to a successful fashion brand is to be bold, innovative and unique. We tailor our solutions differently for each brand and work closely with the brand director and marketing managers to achieve the best possible final outcome. 

As part of our creative strategy, we work closely with the talent agencies to handpick the best suitable talent for the brand. We also conduct a proof of concept for a multitude of styles to be absolutely sure that the imagery, atmosphere, and style direction is reflective of the brand. Our copywriting team then produce a range of product features and benefits to ensure the tone and narrative is spot on for the brand as well. 

Our team works tirelessly to produce a seamless and alluring online brand image, so you can guarantee that your product is in reliable hands.

"We chose MerchantSpring to handle our content production due to their in-depth knowledge of digital channels and it's something we would have struggled to replicate internally."

James Gibson
Digital Manager


Our sole objective was to give JeansWest better online exposure for less cost. To save them money and effort to get a greater return, meaning more bang for their buck.

To increase product to market speeds and cut production time, our team optimised their product copy and imagery and tailored each individual product to suit their intended channel. These channels require optimised titles, as per channel requirements; features, benefits and descriptions in easily read bullet points; and field parameters such as the key search terms.

Thanks to our seamless flow work process, and with an end goal in mind, we are able to enhance JeansWest product imagery, copy, and sales performances across all channels, simultaneously.


The successes JeansWest achieved with us were immediate and extremely profitable. Having saved them many external costs, especially from the price of studio photography, they were able to get photos, copy, and marketplace expertise all from the one source for a fraction of what they were spending.

Some of the other wins JeansWest experienced were:

  • Sales growth by 2-3x through using optimised content on marketplaces
  • Increased product to market speeds from 6 weeks to 3 weeks
  • Cutting content production time and cost by 50%
  • Increased conversion rates for their online stores by 15%

  • Jeanswest
    MerchantSpring continue to boost Jeanswests marketplace productivity, and optimise their online product range for less.
  • Petstock
    MerchantSpring are proud to be the exclusive content provider for every brand landing on Petstock shelves.
  • Brita
    Brita team up with MerchantSpring to sell directly
    to consumers on eBay and Amazon.
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