L'Oréal Australia partners with MerchantSpring to open new online marketplace sales channel


As part of the globally renowned brand, L'Oréal Australia is the largest beauty group in Australia, boasting up to 30 diverse brands across their portfolio of makeup, hair, fragrance and skincare products. L'Oréal Australia strives to enhance the future of beauty care and embraces all opportunities created by innovation and technology. In doing so, they continue to access and generate significant traction within Australian marketplaces.

L'Oréal Australia saw a major opportunity to expand their product offering and sell directly to Australian consumers through eBay. To accomplish this vision, MerchantSpring was the top choice for L'Oréal’s Chief Marketing Officer Matthijs van der Putten.


The mission was to bring over 500 L'Oréal products onto eBay Australia seamlessly within an 8-week timeframe. The complexities included:

  • Enriching over 500 unique products
  • Creating eBay optimised content
  • Design new bundle offers to drive sales
  • End-to-end project and stakeholder management with multiple inputs locally and internationally
“MerchantSpring is the perfect solution if you want to enter marketplace selling and have your operations managed by dedicated specialists that drive sales and value for your business."

Matthijs van der Putten
Chief Marketing Officer

L'Oreal Australia 


Since L'Oréal is one of the largest health and beauty companies in the world, accurate and widespread product data is essential to their success.

MerchantSpring needed to integrate multiple streams of data from various global business units to make product data easily accessible. The solution was a flexible system that enables L'Oréal to scale and expand their marketplace offering with minimal effort. This system combines eBay, MerchantSpring’s channel integration platform and L'Oréal’s existing data systems, resulting in data being seamlessly integrated through one accessible channel. This solution prioritizes content, product range and pricing control as these are the key enablers to driving sales on marketplaces.


MerchantSpring’s team worked tirelessly – and in record time – to bring this range of products from L'Oréal Australia to the eBay market, in record time. This massive effort also included:

  • Creating 500+ product listings using premium quality copy for maximum search return
  • Over 400 custom bundles listed for multi-item sales
  • 500+ Custom images enhanced for best practice premium content
  • Over 5000 data points optimised to ensure the highest search result for each item
  • Increased sales day over day in first 2 weeks of launching
  • Successful multi-buy bundles greatly increasing sales revenues

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