PETstock calls on MerchantSpring to reinvigorate their sales on Marketplaces.


PETstock is an Australian owned and operated company, emerging from humble beginnings in Ballarat, Victoria, to become one of Australia’s most trusted pet care suppliers. They are the industry experts when it comes to pet essentials and pride themselves on providing their customers with the best quality pet care products, services and advice.


PETstock's devotion to sharing their expertise is emblematic of their family roots and spans throughout the entire country, both in-store and across various online channels. However, due to limited marketplace knowledge, PETstock’s eBay and Catch platforms began suffering. Having received average returns, their marketplace sales began to stagnate and no longer demonstrated the growth in which PETstock had initially projected.

PETstock called on our team at MerchantSpring to help develop a dynamic strategy to drive online sales and provide their clientele with the outstanding customer support that PETstock are renowned for. 


  • Optimise PETstock marketplace strategy to reinvigorate sales
  • Create highly engaging content that tailored for each marketplace platform
  • Manage PETstock marketplaces growing product demand with expertise 
Working with MerchantSpring allows us to really fast track the process of bringing products in and having them represented on all our channels in a very timely manner. ”

Mick Perna
GM Marketing and Customer Engagement


The goal was to completely reinvigorate PETstock’s online channels and help establish a more distinguished online presence that would be more appealing for their customers.

We needed to engage with PETstock’s marketplaces and commence a complete overhaul of their data feed infrastructure. Instead of using third party data streams, we directly integrated MerchantSpring Marketplace Manager and PETstock data outputs for a seamless connection of data insights.

We then began with the re-optimisation of PETstock’s entire product range to ensure their marketplaces were up-to-date and customers were being presented with detailed product attributes and quality imagery.


With all the heavy lifting done, PETstock were able to enjoy a steady double-digit revenue growth across their online sales channels.

Managing their marketplace traffic meant that we were able to protect PETstock seller rating, ensure that their sales and event participation was always engaged, and see PETstock invited to future sales events which led to higher conversion rates and sales.

Some of the other successes we achieved with PETstock included:

  • Over 2100 orders a month 
  • 1 order every 4 minutes 
  • 22% growth after year 1 of MS management. 
  • Currently 2.4 Million impressions a month average 
  • Average conversion rate went from 3.2% (76,800) to 5.8% (139,200)
  • After MS management, PETstock was invited to participate in over 20 official marketplace event sale
MerchantSpring uses its deep knowledge and expert management team to deliver strong results for PETstock.

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