Marlin Brands secure the help of MerchantSpring to improve their marketplace performance.


Albi and Zanui are two of Australia’s leading wholesale distributors of high-quality homeware, kitchenware and furniture products. Operating under their parent company – Marlin Brands, who serve more than 18,000 retailers throughout Australia and New Zealand – Zanui and Albi are the go-to online destinations for homemakers all around the world.

Despite having a well-established online presence, the two business did not have the inhouse technical knowledge for marketplace operations, nor the content production resources that is required to quickly enter a fast paced marketplace environment.

The lost cost of potential sales was difficult to overlook for Marlin Brands. So, they decided to seek out help from our team to bridge the gap and equip Zanui and Albi with more prevalent, profitable and sustainable online platforms to trade from!


Our goal was to enhance Albi and Zanui’s online marketplace visibility and performance. Being two separate companies, we knew that their needs would differ, and that the approaches to finding a viable solution needed to be tailored to suit their varied needs. We decided to tackle these challenges with a seamless and simultaneous two-pronged attack.

Albi has complex data streams that required inputs and outputs from multiple sources such as sales, inventory, logistics across their business. Whereas Zanui required content for their online store which had different requirements from the marketplace requirements.

Distinct Needs

We understood the distinct needs that both of Marlin Brands portfolio businesses required and that each business would need a specifically tailored solution.

Zanui had specific content needs that had to be personalised to their systems and style guide requirements. This involved a detailed structure for item specifics and features, a recognisable and appealing tone of voice to reach their audience, and most importantly, optimisation of a high volume of products done quickly!

Albi required a varied approach which involved setting up marketplaces and integrating data into their national databases, optimising their content to ensure that their products were more attractive and descriptive for buyers, and manage these marketplace outcomes.

"MerchantSpring really helped us bringing that speed to market, integrating us on places like eBay, Catch.. and getting us started in the peak sales period which was pretty amazing!"

Manik godhwani
General Manager, Digital
Marlin Brands


Our team expertly orchestrated these solutions simultaneously and produce some absolutely phenomenal results for both brands. With more alluring content and integrated data, Albi and Zanui are able to reach a wider customer base and give buyers a truly immersive online shopping experience.


Here’s what we were able to help Zanui and Albi achieve in such a small time frame:


  • 6000+ products optimised 
  • 32,000+ data points enriched 
  • Average turnaround under 10 days
  • Average of 100 products optimised a day


  • Now trading in 3 marketplaces across 2 geographies
  • Content and photography optimised 

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