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From United States to Australia. Amazon to eBay, and Shopify. With Marketplace Manager you can connect and optimise your store conversion rates, rankings and listing performance everywhere that matters.
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Our Difference

Accelerate Sales Across Regions and Countries

Manage Pan-European and International Selling

Works well alongside ecommerce platforms

MerchantSpring is proven to compliment integration platforms, plugging gaps in their capabilities.

Our Customers


Customer Testimonials

  • "Marketplace Manager is a must-have if selling across multiple marketplaces, easy to see all your information in one place."
    Howard Chen
    Managing Director at Ultra Imagination Technology
  • “..makes my daily stand-ups a whole lot easier to get a holistic view on performance.”
    James Gibson
    Digital  Manager, Jeanswest
  • "Marketplace Manager is very easy to set up and use. It provides a big picture view across multiple marketplace at a glance!"
    Yan Le
    Digital and eCommerce Manager, Gshopper

Affordable plans from €16 per month 

Fix fees. No volume pricing bill shock. Further discounts on yearly plans. 


EUR per month

Connect up to 2 stores 

+ Full eBay Analytics
+ eBay Item Specifics 
+ eBay Listing Diagnostic 
+ Amazon & Shopify connector


EUR per month

All basic features

+ Connect up to 5 stores
+ Dedicate onboarding


EUR per month

All standard features

+ Connect up to 12 stores

Coming soon
+ Amazon PPC manager
+ Store & product profit

Try Marketplace Manager's Free 7 Day Trial

See how Marketplace Manger works for you. Connect all your stores in seconds.
All features included. No credit card needed. 

Proven Performance for Multi-store Sellers


sales boost in four days

10 hrs 

less admin a week


more visibility in first week


connections to marketplace

"I was able to monitor sales every day on each platform and easily identify which marketplace needed immediate attention, specially in sales and also in optimising listings and item specifics."

Marketplaces: Amazon, eBay, Catch 
Categories :     Electronics, Kitchen and Dining 
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