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Unlock the full power of All your Amazon, eBay & Shopify sales data in every country that you sell. Get a competitive edge and start selling smarter with Marketplace Manager.

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Manage 100+ stores on all top marketplaces

Uncover hidden sales Opportunities

Stay ahead of seller health & inventory

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Try The Latest Seller Tools Changing The Marketplace Landscape For Agencies & Professional Sellers

Multi-Marketplace Dashboards

Get faster access to new products, sales and account insights across all your marketplaces.

Buy Box Performance Tools

Win the Amazon buy-box more often without sacrificing your profits.

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Save Time. Sell Faster. 

Get better insights with fewer logins. Marketplace Manager helps you avoid hours of checking stores and digging through reports and spreadsheets.

Uncover Hidden Sales Opportunities

Many sellers make decisions based on incomplete performance data. Marketplace Manager unlocks new sales insights using your full performance history from every store, in near real-time.

One Place to Manage Every Marketplace

Falling behind on marketplace rule changes and features will cost you sales. Marketplace Manager's integrates all changes and alerts into one interface.

Our Difference

A single platform to connect and trade On.
That's eBay, Amazon, Shopify and 50+ marketplaces globally.
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Sell Smarter, Everywhere

Marketplace Manager can connect and optimise your store conversion rates, search rankings and listing performance everywhere that matters.

Operational Health Metrics

Track and manage all your key store and seller health metrics. Prevent being downgraded and boost your rankings and overall buyer experience.

Deeper Marketplace Insights

Uncover new sales drivers with fast access to the insights not available within Amazon, eBay or Shopify.

Track Everything, Wherever You Are

Monitor your sales trends, listing quality and traffic conversion rates when you’re on the move with a seamless mobile experience and notification centre. 

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