eBay Item Specifics with Marketplace Manager.

Complete and correct missing eBay item specifics with the help of Marketplace Manager in minutes. Works across the vast majority of eBay categories and geographies including eBay UK, eBay US, eBay DE, eBay IT, eBay AU and others.

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ebay item specifics

Get started in three simple steps:


Register on the Marketplace Manager platform. It is as easy as making a new email ID.

Connect your Stores

Connect your Amazon, eBay, Catch & The Iconic marketplace stores with Marketplace Manager. It is as easy as signing in.

Get Insights

Once all the marketplaces are connected. 
Get insights from all the market place stores in one dashboard. Get store health and Listing optimisation suggestions to improve sales.

eBay item specifics are becoming a big deal. 
In many categories, eBay sellers run the risk of listings being de-activated if mandatory items are not completed correctly. 
eBay SEO is changing constantly. 
eBay’s search algorithm (Cassini) now reward listings with complete and accurate item specifics. 
Our own customers report an increase in organic listing impressions of 200%-400% after completing the item specifics. 

How would you like to more than double your eBay traffic?

Marketplace Manager will diagnose your current eBay listings and provide feedback on which items are missing or completed incorrectly. 

Fixing gaps in item specifics is done directly via our easy interface and synched back to your eBay store instantly. 

Sellers also have the option of downloading completed item specifics and uploading these into their integration platform.
Marketplace Manager is an official eBay accredited application.
ebay item specifics

Customer Testimonials

  • "Marketplace Manager is a must-have if selling across multiple marketplaces, easy to see all your information in one place."

    Howard Chen, 
    Managing Director at Ultra Imagination Technology

    "Marketplace Manager is very easy to set up and use. It provides a big picture view across multiple marketplace at a glance!"

    Yan Le, 
    Digital and eCommerce Manager, Gshopper

    “..makes my daily stand-ups a whole lot easier to get a holistic view on performance.”

    James Gibson, 
    Digital Manager, Jeanswest

  • “...the team at Merchant Spring provided exceptional support to the development and operation of our online channel."

    David Bissett,
    Chief Operating Officer, Petbarn