Multi-marketplace dashboard
One tool to monitor multiple marketplaces
For marketplace sellers & agencies with many accounts
Many on the same marketplace  Like 5 eBay stores
Many across different marketplaces Like Walmart, eBay & Amazon
Many across different geographies  Like Amazon UK, US & AU
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  • MerchantSpring is a must-have if selling across multiple marketplaces, easy to see all your information in one place.
    Howard Chen
    Managing Director
    Ultra Imagination Technology
  • “..makes my daily stand-ups a whole lot easier 
    to get a holistic view on performance.”
    James Gibson
    Digital Manager
  • marketplace seo
    "MerchantSpring is very easy to set up and use. It provides a big picture view across multiple marketplace at a glance!"
    Yan Le
    Digital and eCommerce Manager
5 Star Customer Reviews
Average overall rating
Ease of use
Save 350+ hours a year
2k pro sellers and agencies save 1-2 hours every day with less admin.

Discover eBay Item Specific Features 

MerchantSpring is the best alternative to Optiseller filled with powerful eBay seller tools all to help you sell more more effectively in the ever-changing eBay landscape.

Feature Spotlight

Single dashboard for all your selling accounts

View the performance of all your marketplace selling accounts in a single dashboard. Eliminate the need to access each of your seller accounts individually to get the data you need.

Avoid VPNs and remote desktops

Our direct and secure API integration with the world’s leading marketplaces provide you with the information you need without logging onto marketplace seller accounts. Hook up multiple Amazon and eBay stores all within the same geography with ease.
Marketplace Manager

Drill down on everything

Designed by professional marketplace sellers, our intuitive and drillable dashboards cover all aspects of your business including sales, operations, customer service and seller health.

Easy to use insights reports

Our simple reporting engine gives you quick and easy access to insights that can take hours to prepare. Avoid the inaccuracies of manual reporting and enjoy insights at your fingertips.

Most Popular Reports

  • Top Sellers & Worst Sellers 
  • Account & Seller Health 
  • Amazon Buy Box Performance
  • eBay Item Specifics Diagnostics
Multi-store analytics for marketplace sellers
Get the edge with real-time insights and consolidated performances across Amazon, eBay & Shopify markets, globally. Act on all your sales data in a fraction of the time.
Manage up to 100 stores
& seller health metrics
Track all performance
from one dashboard
Act on real-time alerts & notifications
Act on real-time alerts & notifications
Optimise Buybox, price
& category performance
Advanced listing diagnostics & alerts

Connect Every Marketplace, Everywhere In Seconds

Connect all major marketplace platforms including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify and more across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. 
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Streamline Your Selling Across All Geographies

Amazon & Global Marketplace Certified Application

Powerful Features & Reports

Multi-account dashboard

  • Single business view
  • Sales & order trends
  • Channel mix analysis
  • Sales & profit comparison
  • Seller health & operational alerts
  • Advertising Management

  • Advertising dashboard
  • Campaign performance
  • Keyword / keyword analysis
  • Advertising metrics incl. TACOS
  • Review Management

  • Campaign automation
  • Manual review solicitation
  • Review status and reporting
  • Global connectivity

  • Unlimited connections
  • 50+ currencies
  • 75+ marketplace platforms
  • Account profitability

  • Account profit & loss
  • Product profitability
  • Profitability trends
  • Buybox Management

  • Performance trends
  • Competition insights
  • Management
  • Sales insights

  • Sales by category
  • Sales by brand
  • Sales by product
  • Top/worst sellers
  • Operations Monitoring

  • Seller health scorecard
  • Out of stock risks
  • Fulfilment performance
  • Listing Quality Improvement

  • Listing diagnostics
  • Aspect diagnostics
  • Attribute editor
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    • Save 350+ hours a year
      On average our 2k professional sellers and agencies save 1-2 hours every day with less admin.
    • 5 Star Stellar Webretailer Reviews
      Our ease of use, and 24/7 global customer support are continually call out on Webretailer.

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