Seller Update: Required eBay Item Specifics Need To Updated by 9 September 2020.
Use Partner Code: ShelfMS20. Valid until 30th September 2020.
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Quickly spot listings with missing or incorrect Item Specifics. Easily filter on Required Items only.

Update Item Specifics.

Complete your eBay Item Specifics using our intuitive interface and handy drop-down menus. View your progress and completion rates in real-time.

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Update your Item Specific updates directly from our platform. Syncs are visible instantly. Export your Item Specifics data in CSV for internal use.

Combining ShelfTrend Insights

Get the advantage over your competitors by combining the powerful tools and insights of MerchantSpring and ShelfTrend.
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Recommended Features

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Deeper Marketplace Insights

Uncover new sales drivers with fast access to the insights not available within Amazon, eBay or Shopify.

Multi-Marketplace Analytics

Get a consolidated view of all your sales, trends and performance metrics across all your stores. 
  • Connect all global and local stores
  • Uncover ranging and promotion opportunities
  • Store traffic and conversion trend
  • Sales forecast tracking

Operational Health Metrics

Easily track and manage all your key store and seller health metrics. Prevent being downgraded and boost your rankings and the overall buyer experience.

Powerful Features & Reports


  • Drill-down dashboard across stores
  • Discoverability and store traffic 
  • Conversion scores and trends
  • Best time of day and day of week


  • Average order value insights
  • Ranging and inventory opportunities
  • Price tracking and profitability by store


  • Connect all global and local stores
  • Multiple currency support
  • eBay international selling partner
  • Amazon global selling partner


  • Sales tracker and trends
  • Store traffic trends and conversion
  • Best time of day and day of week


  • Listing diagnostics
  • Listing quality
  • Content completion score

    • Best and worst sellers
    • Sales by category and brand
    • Buy-Box performance


  • Seller health notifications
  • Seller health trends

    • Overdue orders
    • Inventory and out-of-stock report


  • Negative feedback alerts
  • Real-time updates
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