Your entire client portfolio in a single view

Whatever your marketplace agency size, with MerchantSpring you can monitor all your client’s stores on one dashboard.

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Link Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and 100+ marketplaces
Get alerted to opportunities and risks
Save 1-2 hours on administrative tasks per day
Stay one step ahead of your clients

Why Marketplace Agencies Choose MerchantSpring

We make every second count. Our features and functions enable faster access to insights that matter.

A Single View of Your Agency

  • All Amazon markets including advertising
  • All eBay markets including eBay Motors
  • Walmart, Mercado Libre, BestBuy, CDiscount, and 100+ other channels
  • Homogenous reporting across platforms
  • Multi-language support
  • Currency translation


Insights & Reports at Your Fingertips

  • Data-driven relative portfolio performance
  • Daily sales trends
  • BuyBox win rate and competitors
  • Week-to-date performance vs. expectations
  • Seller health monitoring and alerts
  • PPC campaign performance
  • Shipping performance and risks


Flexible Multi Channel Marketplace Management

  • Group and filter reports by country, platform, client, or custom attributes
  • Export data directly to Excel
  • Enable multi-currency and multi-region overviews
  • Ascribe custom date ranges
  • Mobile-friendly 


White-label Options

  • Custom logo / Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Brand design and tailor-made layout
  • Multi-user / client access
  • Weekly client reports
  • Universal application, not just for Amazon agencies


Guaranteed Security and Scalability

  • Native marketplace integration
  • Official Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Shopify Developer
  • Full end-to-end encryption
  • Up-to-date and compliant security protocols
  • US-based infrastructure scalable to your growth and expansion plans
  • Connect unlimited number of stores


Affordable Plug-In Solution

  • Cloud-based, zero maintenance
  • No integration required
  • Connect multiple client stores in minutes
  • Fixed monthly fees 
  • No volume or order-based pricing
  • No upfront costs or hidden charges

My team LOVES the system. It is exactly what we needed. We’ve been focused on monitoring the store health, active inventory, and total portfolio-wide revenue. This solution solved all of those.
Tim Richard Head of eCommerce & Operations, NextLevel
MerchantSpring was exactly what we needed here at Brandsom to easily manage multiple clients on a variety of marketplaces. We use MerchantSpring to get a full overview of how our clients are performing, this saves us a lot of time every day.
Imco van Elk Marketplaces Specialist, Brandom
MerchantSpring should be the first thing you look at in the morning and the last thing at the end of the day. The compiled actionable data it displays will show you the next steps you should do to maintain your sales.
Aaron Moore President, MooreAmazon
This solution makes multiple account management so easy. Being able to see sales trends, monitor store health and keep track of inventory levels in one system saves so much time.
Justin Cataldo Sell Global
MerchantSpring is a great solution for our team. We are able to generate important insights and access real-time data for our clients with only a couple of clicks. Working with MerchantSpring saves us a lot of time and helps us grow our clients on Marketplaces
Anouck van Rietschoten Marketplace Specialist, Maze-One
Save 350+ hours a year
Save 350+ hours a year

2k pro sellers and agencies save 1-2 hours every day with less admin.

5 Star Customer Reviews
5 Star Customer Reviews

Average overall rating



Ease of use

Our Dashboards In Action


Powerful Features & Reports


Multi-account dashboard

  • Single business view
  • Sales & order trends
  • Channel mix analysis
  • Sales & profit comparison
  • Seller health & operational alerts

Advertising Management

  • Advertising dashboard
  • Campaign performance
  • Keyword / keyword analysis
  • Advertising metrics incl. TACOS

Review Management

  • Campaign automation
  • Manual review solicitation
  • Review status and reporting

Global connectivity

  • Unlimited connections
  • 50+ currencies
  • 75+ marketplace platforms

Account profitability

  • Account profit & loss
  • Product profitability
  • Profitability trends

Buybox Management

  • Performance trends
  • Competition insights
  • Management

Sales insights

  • Sales by category
  • Sales by brand
  • Sales by product
  • Top/worst sellers

Operations Monitoring

  • Seller health scorecard
  • Out of stock risks
  • Fulfilment performance

Listing Quality Improvement

  • Listing diagnostics
  • Aspect diagnostics
  • Attribute editor

The questions we are asked most often

How do you compare to integration platforms such as ChannelAdvisor, ChannelEngine, etc?

The MerchantSpring platform complements existing integration solutions such as Channel Advisor, ChannelEngine, and Linnworks. Our marketplace management analytics and insights software supports enhanced information, analytics, and reporting capabilities.

How much time and resource do you need to deploy your software?

Our software is a self-service solution, i.e., you have complete control and can run it at your end at your own pace and convenience. A typical e-commerce store like Amazon takes only 30 seconds to connect. The initial data sync duration may range from 5 minutes to 24 hours, depending on the store’s size. In terms of resources, you can continue using your existing IT infrastructure. We do not charge upfront fees.

I can't find the marketplace I am looking for.

MerchantSpring currently supports over 70 different marketplaces across the globe, and we are always adding new ones. If the marketplace or channel you are looking for is not available (you can see the complete list here), please let us know. We’ll be happy to add it to our development pipeline.

How do you integrate with the marketplaces?

Our multi-channel cloud-based software integrates directly with multiple marketplaces via REST APIs. These application programming interfaces facilitate communication between e-commerce platforms and MerchantSpring based on sophisticated and secure technology architecture. In addition, we have formal developer partnerships in place with most major platforms, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and others.

Do you support Amazon Advertising?

Yes. We are an official Amazon Advertising API  and SPN partner. You can link your AMS or DSP advertising account to the MerchantSpring software directly and in seconds. The access is available on the overview screen in the marketing section of your MerchantSpring account. 

How many accounts can I connect simultaneously?

Our large marketplace agency customers are able to manage 400+ stores within a single account without problems.

My integration software already shows me sales performance. Why do I need MerchantSpring?

The MerchantSpring team used to be a full-service marketplace agency. During that stint, we discovered that Amazon Seller Central lacks the sophisticated reports needed to efficiently manage vendor clients’ businesses. This required logging onto Amazon Seller Central to perform custom admin and analysis, which was both time and effort intensive.

We decided to develop a platform capable of cutting down administrative time and providing marketplace experts with the insights required to increase sales for clients — even those with multi-country vendor accounts.

You, too, can benefit from the time-saving and cost-effective advantages of adding MerchantSpring to your Seller Central management suite.


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