Brita teams up with MerchantSpring to sell directly 
to consumers on eBay and Amazon.


Brita is a German-based water filter manufacturer that has dominated the market for over 50 years. They have become a beloved household name and stream their operations in 66 countries across 5 continents. Over the years, Brita has become the world leaders in drinking water optimisation and continue to pave the way for cleaner drinking water to be made available in homes and workplaces around the globe.

Brita has been selling their world-class products via their eCommerce webpage and wanted to expand into new marketplaces without affecting their wholesale customer business. They saw the successes other companies were having in the Australian market and decided to follow suit, though they were unsure how to approach it without cutting into their wholesale profits.

Without prior experience in marketplaces, Brita needed a team of expert strategists to guide their integration strategy onto marketplaces without as seamlessly as possible –that’s when Brita decided to partner with MerchantSpring.


Our goal was to effectuate growth and drive sales across Brita’s eBay and Amazon channels without cutting into sales on their wholesale webpage. The complexities included:

  • Create content that complemented the brand and platforms
  • Balance direct to consumer with wholesale channels
  • Develop a targeting strategy to capture net new incremental revenue 
I’d definitely recommend MerchantSpring to others. They have added significant value to our business by performing all the backend roles and duties that we did not have the time or expertise in.”
Alex Perna
Key Accounts Manager
Brita Australia 


Since Brita is a global leader in their field, they understood how important content was to their brand.

Brita already had captivating imagery and copywriting elements on their webpage. However, they did not meet Amazon and eBay specifications. To adhere to best practices MerchantSpring produced new product photography and optimised product copy to adhere to marketplace specifications. This ensured a successful integration of Brita onto these new sales channels. 

MerchantSpring also used industry expertise to develop a customer base that does not interfere with Brita wholesale audience and capture net new revenue. 


For global brands, balancing between wholesale and marketplace channels can be difficult. Through MerchantSpring’s deep understanding of online buyer behaviour and Brita’s commanding position within the market, MerchantSpring was able to successfully transform their marketplaces into million-dollar+ channels – without undermining sales on their existing webpage.

Some of the other successes Brita achieved with us included:

  • Processing over 1000 orders in a month
  • Gain new customer base through marketplaces
  • Over 1,500,000 impressions a month for both eBay and Amazon stores
  • Averaging 100,000 impressions per product each month
  • 90% of their products placed in the top 1% of the eBay search rankings
  • Over 200% growth year to year
  • 100% seller feedback on Amazon in the last 90 days
  • 99.8% positive feedback on eBay

Due to their growing online success, Brita is now utilising our model and are poised to further strengthen their marketplace foothold and build new sales channels globally. 

Brita also uses MerchantSpring’s Marketplace Manager to help store essential data, track sales achievements and provide dedicated customer service that online buyers value above all else. 

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  • Brita
    Brita team up with MerchantSpring to sell directly
    to consumers on eBay and Amazon.
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