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Connect and optimise your conversion, rankings and performance in a fraction of the time. Get a consolidated view of all your sales, trends and performance metrics across France, Europe and the world.

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Get a consolidated view of sales performance and opportunities across North America, & 80+ top marketplaces.
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Simpler Marketplace Selling

Multi-marketpalce dashboard

Get faster access to new product, sales and account insights across all your marketplaces.
Performance trends across every marketplace Product insight and competitiveness Listing quality and rank

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Uncover new sales drivers with fast access to the insights not available within Walmart, Amazon or eBay platforms.

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Act on sales insights faster. Optimize all your Amazon buy box prices, complete all your eBay item specifics and sync every change instantly to improve your conversion everywhere that matters.

Operational Health Metrics

Easily track store and seller health metrics in one place. Protect yourself against being downgraded and costing you in rankings, fees and the buyer experience.

Works well alongside ecommerce platforms

MerchantSpring is proven to compliment integration platforms, plugging gaps in their capabilities.

Seller Testimonials

  • "Marketplace Manager is a must-have if selling across multiple marketplaces, easy to see all your information in one place."
    Howard Chen
    Managing Director at Ultra Imagination Technology
    "Marketplace Manager is very easy to set up and use. It provides a big picture view across multiple marketplace at a glance!"
    Yan Le
    Yan Le Digital and eCommerce Manager Gshopper
    “..makes my daily stand-ups a whole lot easier to get a holistic view on performance.”
    James Gibson
    Digital Manager
  • “MerchantSpring provides comprehensive and fantastic quality content that is in line with content marketing strategy."
    Amy Keating
    Merchandising Optimisation Specialist, Coles
    “We had a great experience working with MerchantSpring. Their approach to producing high quality product content was compelling, affordable and very fast."
    Marco Vetter
    Head of eCommerce,
    “...the team at Merchant Spring provided exceptional support to the development and operation of our online channel."
    David Bissett
    Operating Officer, Petbarn
  • “The team at MerchantSpring do an absolutely fantastic job. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services to anyone"
    Bruce Read
    eCommerce Manager,
    “The team does a great job turning around huge volumes of imagery very quickly. We send through massive shoot lists with often intricate styling notes."
    client feedback survey response
    "Everything was great. The team allowed us to come in and do what we needed to do. We are a very hands on client, and the MS team were very open to this and our feedback whilst shooting."
    client feedback survey response

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The most asked questions about selling on marketplace

What share of sales represent Marketplace sales compared to retail sales?

Marketplace sales can represent a huge and growing portion of a website's total sales.

According to FEVAD, marketplace sales represent 34% of the overall sales of sites that have them.

On Amazon, Marketplace sales in France represents 70% of overall sales , a figure higher than the site's average, which is around 60%. Some countries have been opened exclusively in “marketplace” mode, such as India, where 100% of Amazon sales are made by marketplace sellers.

On the seller side, the share that marketplaces represent in their activity can be very variable. Some companies sell exclusively on marketplaces and therefore achieve 100% of their turnover there (this is the case of Momox, for example, a German company with more than € 100M in turnover on marketplaces). For other businesses with a website,  marketplaces make up 10 to 30% of their business volume.

This is certainly not a rule, as it will depend on the investment and strategy of each seller.

I'm a new seller, is MerchantSpring for me?

If you're a brand new seller, we advise you not to sign up for MerchantSpring just yet.

Your first step should be to list a few products on one sales channel (like Amazon, Wallmart,  eBay) manually, and work on getting a few orders per month. Only then will you see why sellers need MerchantSpring.

Once you've listed products on more than one marketplace or country and are getting orders, MerchantSpring can help you simplify and scale your  business  effectively from powerful analytics tool. 

How long does it take to start selling on marketplaces?

This obviously depends on the complexity of what you want to do.

If you start directly on marketplaces, there is no time limit . From the moment your account is opened, and you have passed the "Verification / KYC" step, you can start selling on most marketplaces like Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, Rakuten, eBay ... For some marketplaces, you will need an interface via an integrator: La Redoute, Rueducommerce, Spartoo ...

If you want to interface your website and manage via flows, the easiest way is to go through an integrator. It will take an integration time, aiming to adapt your flow to what is necessary to sell on the marketplaces. The deadlines for this stage range from 1 day to several weeks, sometimes several months depending on the complexity of what you want to do, the quality of your catalog, your ability to export the mandatory attributes required by marketplaces.

The time to set up the sale on marketplaces depends on several factors:

Depending on the marketplace chosen, the reactivity time can vary greatly. The complexity of your situation can be a source of time to anticipate.

If you have a website with a product feed to distribute on marketplaces, you must already know whether the item sheets are already created on the marketplaces, or whether they will have to be created.

To check if your products are already referenced, just look for the EAN code of your products on the marketplaces. If you find them, it means that the article file is already referenced. Otherwise, it will have to be created.

If your products are already listed, it's easier, and in a few days your feed can be configured to be sent to marketplaces. The sale of your products on marketplaces can then go very quickly.

How much does it cost to sell on marketplaces like Walmart, Amazon & eBay?

The sales costs on marketplaces obviously vary according to the players who offer its sales functions.

Overall, most offer fixed fees that correspond to a monthly subscription and variable fees proportional to the number of products - the insertion fees - and the volume of sales.

Marketplaces subscription fees vary between $ 30 and $500 depending on the services included. It is therefore advisable to do your calculations correctly in order to optimize the selling costs .

Depending on the sector, marketplace commissions also vary significantly.
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