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Actions Across Stores

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Advanced Listing Diagnostics 
& Alerts

Key Amazon Features 

Deeper Amazon Insights

Get faster access to new products, sales and account insights across all your marketplaces.
  • Performance trends in every marketplace
  • Product insight and competitiveness
  • Listing quality
  • Buy-box Performance

    Get the edge and win the Amazon buy-box more often without sacrificing your profits.
  • Track your buy-box win rate
  • Identify your competitors strategies
  • Update & sync prices
  • Multi-store Mobile Analytics

    Stay across your sales performance and insights even when you’re on the move.

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    • eBay Item Specifics Editor

    Connect Unlimited Walmart, Amazon & Ebay Stores In Minutes

    Get a consolidated view of sales performance and opportunities across North America, & 80+ top marketplaces.
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    Accelerate your sales in 100+ countries

    Global Marketplace Certified Application

    MerchantSpring is proven to expand the capabilities of ecommerce integration platforms

    Full Features

    Deeper Marketplace Insights

    Uncover new sales drivers with faster access to insights not available within Amazon or seller hubs.


    • Sales tracker and trends
    • Store traffic trends and conversion
    • Best time of day and best day of week


  • Listing diagnostics
  • Listing quality
  • Content completion score

    • Best and worst sellers
    • Sales by category and brand
    • Buy-Box performance

    Multi-Marketplace Analytics

    Get a consolidated view of all your sales, trends and performance metrics across all your stores. 


    • Drill-down dashboard across stores
    • Discoverability and store traffic 
    • Conversion scores and trends
    • Best time of day and day of week


    • Average order value insights
    • Ranging and inventory opportunities
    • Price tracking and profitability by store


    • Connect all global and local stores
    • Multiple currency support
    • eBay international selling partner
    • Amazon global selling partner

    Operational Health Metrics

    Track and manage your key store and seller health metrics. Prevent being downgraded and boost your rankings and overall buyer experience.


  • Seller health notifications
  • Seller health trends

  • Overdue orders
  • Inventory & Out-of-stock report

  • Negative feedback alerts
  • Real-time updates
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