Seller Update: Required eBay Item Specifics Need To Updated by 9 September 2020.
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Customer Testimonials

  • "MerchantSpring is a must-have if selling across multiple marketplaces, easy to see all your information in one place."
    Howard Chen
    Managing Director at Ultra Imagination Technology
  • “MerchantSpring makes my daily stand-ups a whole lot easier to get a holistic view on performance.”
    James Gibson
    Digital  Manager, Jeanswest
  • "MerchantSpring is very easy to set up and use. It provides a big picture view across multiple marketplace at a glance!"
    Yan Le
    Digital and eCommerce Manager, Gshopper
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Save time with our easy-to-use grid editor

Work on multiple listings simultaneously with the most user-friendly editor on the market. Easily toggle between mandatory and optional item specifics. Use our handy dropdowns menus to populate the values eBay is looking for.

Item specific values for all eBay categories

We retrieve the latest item specifics and valid values directly from eBay on a daily basis so that you have the most accurate and up-to-date information at your fingertips.

We’ll show you where to start

Our item specifics scorecard provides an overview of completeness across your categories to quickly show which listings need the most work. Our completeness indicators update in real-time to show your progress along the way.

Upload to eBay directly or export to CSV

Choose from syncing your work directly to your eBay store or import it to your own ERP or PIM via our flexible CSV exports.

Multi-Marketplace Analytics

Get a consolidated view of all your sales, trends and performance metrics across all your stores. 
  • 30+ eBay seller tools & reports 
  • Connect all global and local stores
  • Uncover ranging and promotion opportunities
  • Store traffic and conversion trend
  • Sales forecast tracking

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  1. There are no other critical Terms & Conditions or limitations for the use of this discount.
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  3. At the end of the promotional period, we will begin charging $39 USD per month for the use of the tool automatically on the normal bill rates.
  4. We remind customers on email and within the app.
  5. The customer may cancel their plan at any time from within the tool.

The most asked questions about eBay Item Specifics

How should eBay sellers prepare for the eBay item specifics change?

eBay sellers with products across affected categories have roughly 8 weeks to enrich their content to meet the mandatory requirements.  Of course, depending on how you manage your eBay account this could be easier said than done. 

Manual Management: If you are managing your listings manually via seller hub eBay has already provided the fields and values in the back end of each product listing

File Exchange: If you are managing your listings via file exchange you can import your item specifics via file exchange against pre-existing products or with a new listing creation import. However, this method will require you to complete the item specifics from eBay’s item specifics source data. Click Here to Download

eBay Integration: For those selling via an integration tool, if your tool does not automatically retrieve the latest item specifics and values from eBay you will need to load the item specifics and related valid values in your integration tool yourself by referring to eBay’s item specifics source data. Click Here to Download

No matter how many listings you have, we recommend eBay sellers start completing item specifics now! If you are thinking about getting started with an eBay integration take a look out our guide to choosing an integration tool HERE.

What happens if you don’t complete eBay Item Specifics?

Failing to complete the mandatory item specifics will result in the following:

Revising Listings: You will not be able to revise your listings this means everything from a price change to product title change.

For those eBay sellers using an integration this will mean that your tool will most likely be unable to update inventory until the mandatory item specifics are completed, this is because inventory updates typically constitute a revision

Listing Creation: If you are creating new listings and they do not have the mandatory item specifics. Your listing will not be listed.

It is worth noting that failing to complete the ‘recommended’ eBay item specifics will result in poorer product visibility.

I'm a new seller, is MerchantSpring for me?

If you're a brand new seller, we advise you not to sign up for MerchantSpring just yet.

Your first step should be to list a few products on one sales channel (like Amazon, Wallmart,  eBay) manually, and work on getting a few orders per month. Only then will you see why sellers need MerchantSpring.

Once you've listed products on more than one marketplace or country and are getting orders, MerchantSpring can help you simplify and scale your  business  effectively from powerful analytics tool. 

What share of sales represent Marketplace sales compared to retail sales?

Marketplace sales can represent a huge and growing portion of a website's total sales.

According to FEVAD, marketplace sales represent 34% of the overall sales of sites that have them.

On Amazon, Marketplace sales in France represents 70% of overall sales , a figure higher than the site's average, which is around 60%. Some countries have been opened exclusively in “marketplace” mode, such as India, where 100% of Amazon sales are made by marketplace sellers.

On the seller side, the share that marketplaces represent in their activity can be very variable. Some companies sell exclusively on marketplaces and therefore achieve 100% of their turnover there (this is the case of Momox, for example, a German company with more than € 100M in turnover on marketplaces). For other businesses with a website,  marketplaces make up 10 to 30% of their business volume.

This is certainly not a rule, as it will depend on the investment and strategy of each seller.
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