eBay SEO Guide 2020: How to optimise titles, categories and item specifics of eBay listings.

December 2, 2019

Harjot Singh

Do you know how many people are selling on eBay?

183 million as of you reading this!

So you need to get your eBay SEO for your listings right.

The key to getting those sales on eBay is about getting your item to be listed on page one.

Title optimisation, keywords and item specifics are just some of the areas you need to pay attention to in order to generate those sales.

You want to be able to drive an organic ranking on eBay. 

Here at MerchantSpring we are all about eBay SEO optimisation and have come up with some eBay SEO tips to make your li

Follow these handy tips and adopt our eBay SEO strategy and you should see an increase in your eBay sales

eBay Categories Optimisation 

On eBay, you don’t want to show up to the right game in the wrong outfit.

It’s a missed opportunity and will mean your product isn’t reaching the right audience.

You want to make sure your product and category are matched correctly. 

Ask yourself, is your product categorised in the best category?

As soon as your product is listed in the right category, it’s more likely to drive and improve your SEO and improve performance. 

eBay Title optimisation

eBay search algorithm, Cassini, places a huge amount of emphasis on listing titles. More so than other marketplaces.

That’s why eBay title optimisation is a key point of focus. 

The first thing to think about is the title length.

eBay limits the title characters at eighty. Which is why you want to be hitting the seventy-five to eighty character range. This is more likely to improve your eBay search ranking. 

What we also know is that quality is just as, if not more, important than quantity.

You want your eBay titles to make sense and mean something to your customers. It’s important to convey as much useful information to consumers in the eighty character range. 

Don’t forget about the eBay SEO keywords as well. Include relevant keywords within your title for optimum results. You can work out these keywords simply by using the eBay search bar.

This will give you a rough idea of the keywords that are relevant to your product. There’s also the option to use a tool to identify the keywords you want to feature in your item title. Keywordtool.io is one we personally recommend. 

eBay Item Specifics SEO

Item specifics is the other major aspect of product description you have to utilise when trying to boost eBay SEO.

There are three forms to touch on with item specifics.

The first is mandatory item specifics. Mandatory item specifics are product details you have to list, eBay will not feature your product without this.

The second category is recommended item specifics.

The final category is optional item specifics. At MerchantSpring we consider all three types of eBay item specifics to be incredibly important. Item specifics provide a huge boost to search rankings.

You can easily edit item specifics through the eBay listings, or, we would recommend you to use our free tool, Marketplace Manager™.

This allows you to perform a full diagnostic about how your item specifics stack up and gives you the specific input fields you need to complete in a handy and easy to use interface. 

Non-content parameters of eBay SEO

Finally, the last thing to focus on when it comes to eBay SEO is non-content parameters and listing characteristics.

You want to include if your products are eligible for free delivery, if your product offers free shipping, or if you are a member of eBay plus.

Accommodating these non-content parameters is sure to give you a search ranking boost. 

You also want to let eBay consumers know about stock availability. From an SEO point of view, having more stock available can provide a small boost to your eBay SEO optimation.

Opportunities to allocate more stock to your eBay products, particularly your top-performing SKU’s, is highly recommended by us at MerchantSpring

Beyond this, secondary categories, iteration and AB testing with keywords are just a few of the other things you can do to boost your eBay search rankings and SEO. 

At MerchantSpring we have tried and tested these eBay SEO tips.

We can confidently say they have had led to an undoubted improvement with our products. If you write a great title, feature your products in the right category and with all the right specifics you can expect and improvement in page impressions of up to six times.

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  • Also, optimising product images can also boost your sales on eBay.

    Simple, yet effective, we can assure you that following this eBay SEO strategy and methods will help your performance on marketplaces.

    Find out more eBay pro tips on our blog!

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